The company


Founded in 1986, Altitech is specialized in rope access work.

Altitech joined the Proxyrius group in 2021. This new step in the life of the company allows us to offer even more efficient services for all your work-at-height and rope access needs: greater capacity and improved expertise, equipment, reactivity and geographical reach.


Since its creation, Altitech has developed great expertise in work-at-height and difficult access tasks, also known as rope access work.

In an immensely technical field, our wide experience allows us to operate in all kinds of areas, such as telecom masts and towers, wind turbines, industrial structures, building and civil engineering work.

Altitech’s rope access technicians carry out your requirements in complete safety. They’re highly trained, experienced and totally autonomous.

Geographically mobile, we travel all over mainland France, Corsica and in the overseas territories but also in the rest of Europe and even further afield when required.


Over time, our teams have been confronted with ever more complex and varied problems to solve. Through this, Altitech has built itself a solid reputation in the industry. In the field, our technicians have acquired extensive experience of work-at-height and difficult access tasks.

Our rope access technicians use specific, disciplined and demanding techniques, all derived from mountaineering, to always work in total safety.

Rope access work can be used for all kinds of tasks in partnership and synergy with more traditional construction, industrial or civil engineering techniques.


Speed, efficacy and cost often make the difference when comparing rope access to traditional cradle, scaffolding or other techniques.

Fast set-up and flexible solutions adapted to your environment guarantee an efficient response with shorter lead times and competitive pricing.

Ropework, a real alternative to cradles and scaffolds: Always advantageous, often indispensable! When conventional access is impossible, we can offer a technical solution that is both cost-effective and safe.

Benefit from Altitech’s reactivity and agility without compromising on quality or safety.